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5 Reasons to Join...






There are several reasons to join the STMA Women of Today...




1. MEET NEW FRIENDS:  Get to know other women in your community who share a common interest in making the world a better place. Enjoy the opportunity to socialize with enthusiastic women from around the state.



2. GET INVOLVED:  Be part of your community. Plan fun, new events for families. Be part of the solution.



3. LEARN NEW SKILLS:  Sharpen your writing or speaking skills, enhance your organizational abilities, and learn to be an effective part of a team through participation in projects.



4. MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  Share your strengths with others. Use the leadership opportunities to motivate others, meet goals, and gain confidence in your abilities.



5. TREAT YOURSELF:  You're worth it! Be a part of a group that is just for you. Give yourself permission to grow, develop, and have fun as an individual.Are you ready to become a member of the STMA Women of Today?



Please visit our contact page and send us a message. Someone will contact you as soon as possible with additional information about becoming a member.

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