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How many members are in the STMA chapter?
Our current roster has 29 members!
Why should I pay dues to be a volunteer?
Your dues pay for the support you and the chapter will receive from our state and national organizations.
These organizations provide training, monthly mailings and updates, organizational newsletters, service by officers, and a great deal of programming information. The dues are currently $
50, $45 of which goes to the State Organization to facilitate the cost of state newsletters and supplies, and the remaining $5 is for our National Organization. The STMA chapter does not have any dues for itself. 


How does STMA Women of Today get its funds?


We host a fall craft show the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year. We have been doing this for 20 plus years. In 2017 we moved the show from Middle School West to the STMA High School which allowed us to increase the number of spots we were able to sell. Although there may be other small fundraising opportunities throughout the year, this is our major fundraiser which allows us to donate over $18,000 back to the community. We ask that each member volunteer at least a couple of hours in some capacity to help facilitate this fundraiser. You know the old saying “many hands make light work,” and that is especially true when putting together something so large.


What is the time commitment?

One of the great things about Women of Today is that members can be as involved as they want to be. There are no “requirements,” but it is suggested that members attend meetings as often as possible to keep up-to-date and to feel connected to other members. As mentioned in the paragraph above, we ask that members put in a bit of time to help with the craft show which is our major fundraiser of the year.

How can I find the time? I am a very busy person.

You need to only do what you want to do. You pick the projects or fun nights that fit with your interests and schedule. We value your contributions whatever they may be. Most of our members are employed full-time, have children, and partners. We have found that our members are involved in a number of areas within their communities, and we encourage that. Busy people know how to get things done and manage their time. We encourage chapter members to do what they are interested in and committed to doing. You set your schedule with the group.


What does STMA Women of Today do with the money they raise?

We donate to local youth sports, school groups and activities, to groups that benefit local community members, among many others. If someone is looking for a donation we have a donation request form that we ask they complete. Many times they will be asked to speak to the group about their request.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Many of us in the group were new to the area when we first joined. Joining allowed us to immediately meet many new people, and to develop new friendships. We have many different types of activities and socials that you can participate in. You can become a stronger leader, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can learn to put projects together and become more organized in the process. Being a member allows for community involvement. If you see something you think should be happening in the community we can help make it happen.

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